Amputee Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Amputee Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Pain Management

At Shropshire Physiotherapy we have been working with Amputees for the last 10 years, both following road traffic accidents and trauma and in international sport. We are able to offer a start to finish service, from the early stages of walking to achieving goals in the gym. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge helping maximise your recovery.


We focus on returning patients to the quality of life the enjoyed before their accident. We have a number of links with specialists, case managers, prothesis experts who are all able to help you on your road to recovery. All of our patients share the same common goal, to return to their families and lives as soon as possible. We are here to help that happen in the most time efficient way.


Due to the nature of trauma many patient who have suffered an amputation or loss of limb from a trauma suffer with phantom limb pain or pain in the residual limb. At Shropshire Physiotherapy we offer a Electro Acupuncture service that helps reduce pain. For many patients this has allowed them to reduce their medications and improve their overall function and well being.

We pride ourselves in the delivery of Amputee Physiotherapy and Pain Management

Maximising quality of life, independence whilst reducing pain is our goal with every patient who has suffered a major injury.

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