Sports Massage

Sports Massage

At Shropshire Physiotherapy we pride ourselves with offering Sports Massage and Deep Tissue massage to help patients both recover from injury and prevent future injuries. Our Sports Rehabilitator works side by side with our Physiotherapy team offering a complete service during your recovery. We often compliment massage therapy with manipulation therapy where appropriate to aid recovery.


Sports massage is a specialist deep tissue massage that relieves aches, pains within the muscle and soft tissue. It is useful before and or after exercises to aid recovery of muscles and increase performance.


During your consultation you will be able to tell us exactly what you’d like to achieve and any specific aims and objectives you have. We will not only perform a sports massage but give you a tailored rehabilitation plan when appropriate. For clients who suffer with postural pain, tight neck and or shoulders, do some simple stretches in-between massages can really help.


Sports massage can help increase range of motion in joints, improve or main flexibility and or improve body performance or posture. Many people believe that having a sports massage may be painful, but this is not the case. The therapist will tailor the massage to you leaving you feeling refreshed and more mobile.


Many patients we see suffer with arthritic or chronic pain; massage can be an effective way of helping control these symptoms. Muscles often tighten around areas of pain, whether this is lower back, neck or in our arms or legs. Loosening these areas and increasing blood flow is an effective way of reducing your symptoms.


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We pride ourselves in the delivery of Sports Massage

We have delivered sports massage to Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands since 2011, delivering a world class service has always been something we pride ourselves in.

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