Shropshire Physiotherapy Treatments

Our treatment aims


The musculoskeletal system was designed for movement and therefore movement is at the heart of all our treatment programs. Exercise improves quality of life, general health, energy levels, general wellbeing and enables people to function independently.


Our treatment plans are personalised to a patient’s individual needs to restore as much movement as possible, help them to return to their normal daily activities and improve their quality of life.


Joint Mobilisation And Manipulation
Soft Tissue Massage
Prescribed Specialist Exercise
Taping And Strapping
Muscle Energy Techniques
Core Stability Work And Pilates

Pilates exercises are designed to improve your posture, core stability, flexibility and strength.

Active Release Therapy
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (Pnf) Techniques
Sports Massage
Postural Advice
Trigger Point Release Techniques

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